Wish you could do more to help your church reach their financial goals, but your budget doesn't allow?  What if you were told that you can financially contribute to the church without any cash out of pocket...  It's a no brainer, right?  That is exactly what the Raise Right program does.  

Using Scrip thru the Raise Right program is a way to benefit the church while purchasing the normal products you buy everyday!  Raise money for St. Marks just by buying gas, groceries, and other necessities, there’s no need to shell out extra for things you don’t need.

The concept is simple.  You buy gift cards or ecards thru the Raise Right app, website or thru Patty H at the church.  You select the denomination and the business that you would like the "cards" to.  You use cash or credit to pay for the cards upfront and receive a gift card or e card in return.  The Church then gets a percentage of your purchase...a percentage which varies depending upon the business you are purchasing cards for.  

So, it can be as simple as buying a Kwik Trip card.  You can then use that card just like you would use your credit card or cash at the Kwik Trip pumps or in the convenience store.  It really is that easy!  AND our church benefits with no additional out of pocket contribution from you!

You can sign up from Raise Right from your phone (using the Google Play or Apple Store) or online at https://www.raiseright.com/enroll .  It is a simple process to create an account.  If using your personal banking information, Raise Right will put a small deposit into your account to verify your account (similar to other online cash transfer apps such as Venmo).  You then need to go back into your Raise Right account and acknowledge the amount of the deposit.  Once this is done, you are ready to purchase cards on the go.  Most merchants offer ecards that can be purchased in in the store.  

















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