Music at St. Marks

Director of Music is Carroll Stevens

We have multiple musical groups within the church.  We are always looking for new voices, contact Carroll or the church office for more information!

The Choir

Ceaseless Praise

Peace and Joy

Men's Quartet

Praise Band

Praise Band members:  Kathy Dorn, Sarah Fredrick, Jessica Schultze, Carroll Stevens, Collin Stevens, Andy Stevens, Jasper Stevens and Matt Nelson


Special Music is also a huge part of our services.   
              Here are some of the talented people in our congregation -

Jessica Schultz singing "I'm Forever Grateful for the Cross"

Kathy Dorn singing "Glorious Day".

Gail Nevins and Julie Lord singing "Love Divine, All Love's Excelling".

Kathy Dorn singing "We Pray for Blessings".

Jessica and Josh Schultze singing "I will Lift up My Eyes".

Julie Lord singing "Mary's Song, Breath of Heaven".