Call Committee



Janet Nelson-Call Committee Chair
Collin Stevens
Patty Heckart
Bonnie Scholl-Rhode
Brad & Tonya Umbarger
Barb Lee
Dale Gaugert
Dick Kassner
8/14 - Had a short meeting with Pastor Knappe-(NALC District Dean) and Pastor Wendel (assistant to the Bishop).
8/22 - Had a Zoom Meeting with Pastor Knappe.  Discussed the NALC guidelines for the call process.  
Week of September 19 - Congressional Questionnaire sent out.  
10/8 - Congregational Workshop 
10/8 - Pastoral Call workshop with Pastor Knappe.  Pastor led the roundtable groups in discussions with scriptural references.  Questionnaires have been tabulated.  
St. Mark's church profile and a short video from Pastor Sal and the call committee have been submitted to the NALC to upload to their website.  Will be posting vacancy to the LCMC website once paperwork is completed which  should be ready after the next call committee meeting.  
A team of call committee members are talking with prospective candidates this week who have expressed inters in the interim position.